What is a Body Firming Detox Wrap

What is a Body Firming Detox WrapAll we seem to hear about these days in the media is different ways to eat or different supplements to take in order to detox our bodies. But inside our bodies aren’t the only thing that need cleansing and rejuvenation. We also need to take good care of our skin. We all have different skin types, so it is important to learn what works well for your unique skin. Some common tips for taking great care of your skin are as follows.

First, just like drinking water helps the inside of our bodies, it also is vital for the skin and helps it maintain elasticity and suppleness. Second, if you are a woman, take note about what kind of makeup you wear. You want makeup that is both oil free and unscented when it comes to best taking care of your skin. Also, don’t keep applying layers throughout the day. Third, using lotion is important to keeping your skin rejuvenated. Look for lotion that contains vitamins A, C and E because those vitamins specifically block the penetration of unwanted environmental pollutants. Fourth, you may be thinking that exercise is only good in order to help you lose weight and produce endorphins, but believe it or not exercise is also really good for your skin. If you choose an active exercise activity such as aerobics it is good because it activates the skin, improves circulation and improves blood flow throughout your body. Also when you sweat, sebum is formed which is the skin’s own natural moisturizer. So get moving and get sweating! Finally, strive to reduce your stress as much as you can! Stress can cause any number of negative things to happen to your skin such as: dry and dull skin, prematurely aged skin, redness, itching and acne just to name a few. Take time each day to simply breath and relax in order to best minimize stress and the harmful effects it has on your skin.

So these are all things individuals can do on their own to better take care of their skin. What about if you are wanting a more professional approach to kickstart you into gear of taking better care of your skin? One great option is to go to a spa and get a body firming detox wrap. G20 Spa and Salon is just the place to have this done. It is a beautiful oasis in the heart of Boston right on Newbury Street. Their services are devoted to wellness along with health and well-being for the individuals who receive treatments there. The body firming detox wrap is a great option if you are looking for a full body treatment to treat yourself. This begins with a dry brush exfoliation that promotes detoxification of your skin. Next, you will experience a nutrient rich spirulina wrap. The application of refining and toning serum in this wrap not only stimulates circulation but also activates lipolysis. Lastly a massage with multi vitamin firming creme acts to moisturize and brighten the skin all over your body. See what one can do for you today.


Alcohol Treatment Takes Time and Commitment

Alcohol Treatment Takes Time and CommitmentSubstance abuse issues are a primary concern for many Americans. In a country where alcohol is almost revered in the culture, alcohol abuse and dependency is a prominent social and personal problem. According to the National Institutes of Health, as much as 15% of Americans could be considered problem drinkers. Treatment is available for alcohol abuse and dependency, however accepting it and following through with recovery is often a problem for “problem drinkers”.

Alcohol abuse and dependency are in fact two separate things. Abuse can be defined as using alcohol in ways that interfere with a person’s ability to function successfully in personal, economic and social areas. Therefore, someone who drinks sparingly may still have a problem with alcohol if it interferes with life. Dependency takes place when the human body goes through a withdrawal process when the alcohol is withheld. In alcohol dependency, intervention by professionals like those at the New River Wellness Center Rehab is vital. Physical reactions in alcohol withdrawal are potentially fatal.

Treatment for alcoholism is best conducted in a three step process. The first of these is detoxification, or “detox” where alcohol is withheld. This is best conducted in a residential, medical setting and may last as long as a week. The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal may include tremors, paranoia and hallucinations and as stated before may result in death if untreated, as much as ten percent of the time. This pertains to individually who are strongly dependent. A routine drinker is at risk for these symptoms, no matter what their overall intake of alcohol is on any given occasion. That is why it is important to seek medical help in the first stages of alcohol treatment. Medications are available to treat the symptoms of withdrawal, to include drugs like Xanax. A great deal of care must be employed in their use, however, because they can also be addictive.

The second phase of alcohol treatment is rehabilitation. In rehabilitation, an individual encounters education in better coping skills and other ways to handle themselves in the absence of alcohol. Twelve Step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous or AA are prominent features of almost all alcohol treatment and rehabilitation scenarios. Cravings for alcohol do not abate once withdrawal has successfully taken place, and as many as sixty percent or more of individuals who go through detoxification return to their alcohol consumption within a year.

The third phase of alcohol treatment is to maintain recovery. In this phase, the transition to a drug-free lifestyle is complete, but the necessary coping skills must continue to be employed to stay away from drinking. In the maintenance phase, AA meetings and other social support is perhaps the primary predictor of success.