Benefits of Xtreme Bee Pollen Supplements

Benefits of Bee Pollen Weight Loss Supplements

Bee Pollen

When bees rest on a flower, they make a ball of pollen. It is a blend of saliva, pollen and honey /nectar. These balls are carried by the bees to their hive and stored there. The bee colony feeds on the fermented pollen.

Bee pollen is high in nutrition and one tablespoon of it has 16 calories, a small amount of fat and protein, carbohydrates and 250 nutrients, flavonoids and vitamins. Products containing Bee Pollen at Skinny Bee Pollen are unique in their formula and are USA made.

What are its benefits?

This super food can relieve inflammation. It boosts your liver health and also plays the role of an anti oxidant. Besides strengthening immunity, bee pollen also helps in reducing symptoms of your menopause. It reduces stress and speeds up the healing process. Bee pollen works as dietary supplement as well.

Skinny Bee Pollen offers bee pollen weight loss supplements that greatly helps in your overall well being. Some of the products to mention here are Skinny Bee Platinum, Curve Bee Pollen, skinny Bee Xtreme. While each have varying strengths, the choice depends on your body condition and the medication you are taking, if any.

Most of the Skinny Bee Pollen weight loss products helps you in appetite control while boosting energy and enhancing metabolism. These can be purchased at Skinny Bee Pollen.

In this world of stress and rush, people are finding it hard to prepare home made fresh food and are consuming lot of junk. This leads to weight gain and in the long run, gives rise to many complications. Care must be taken early to reduce weight and this is where Elite weight loss is trying to help you. Skinny Bee Pollen weight loss offers safe weight loss supplements that suit different body and health conditions. There are different products for beginners and regular users.

If you are trying to burn fat and get rid of those extra calories that are embarrassing you, try Skinny Bee Pollen weight loss supplements. You can reduce body weight along with belly fat and look great. This also keeps you in good health by maintaining an appropriate body weight.

Get your body back in shape, be confident and stay healthy! Start your weight loss program today with Skinny Bee Pollen Platinum and Skinny Bee Xtreme weight loss!! Buy multiple bottle packs and save today at Skinny Bee Pollen.

All Things Great and Small: Natural Gems Pet Foods

Pets are a beloved part of our family, and feeding fresh healthy foods is essential to their health and longevity. These days, a pet parent is taking a chance with commercial feeds. Commercial feed manufacturers use extremely low quality ingredients many making pets sick, and even killing them. An Atlanta based American family is working change all that by creating high quality pet food for dogs, cats and horses. The emerging company will set up a Pet Food Kitchen to create high quality pet food for man’s best friends in America.

“We have fed pets in Atlanta for three years now, and are working to change the way our furry family members eat.” Said Chelsea Joyner, a mother and the founder of this project, while introducing it to the Kickstarter community. “Our goal is to provide the freshest, healthiest foods, and help our pets’ live longer, happier lives.” She added.

The pet food manufactured in this kitchen will have absolutely no preservatives, dyes, corn, wheat, or soy. Moreover, these foods are hypoallergenic, and can be tailored to fit any pet’s needs. All foods are simple limited ingredient foods made fresh from human grade ingredients with a simple one-step process to preserve and provide the most natural, nutrient rich, and easily digestible foods.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at: and supporters can back this project by making pledges and getting their pet food as a reward. The goal of this campaign is to raise a sum of $20,000 and more details are available on the Kickstarter campaign page of the project.

This inspiring project has been started by an Atlanta based American family, who aims to make highest quality pet food with transparency, honesty, and a healthy concern for pets. The upcoming pet food kitchen will make fresh, all natural whole foods for dogs, cats, and horses and this project is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, where everyone can make pledges.


What would we do without our amazing NHS in the UK? When people are heading off for their relaxing weekends with family, many of our NHS employees will be busy helping someone else’s loved ones. So if anyone deserves a bit of extra love and attention it’s them.

Workplace health innovator StepJockey was able to reflect the appreciation of them, when they visited The Royal London Hospital (Barts Health NHS Trust) to promote their stair climbing health programmes. Staff loves using ‘World Tower Challenge’ which takes them on a tour of the world’s tallest buildings, including Burj Khlaifa (Dubai), which sits on top of the world with 2909 stairs (830 metres)! Currently the ‘Back to the Gym RLH Security’ security team lead the hospital race, but hotly contested by the uber competitive ‘Hepatology Hikers’ team.

StepJockey and the NHS are the perfect match, as they are both working towards the same goals in improving  health across the UK. StepJockey’s mission is to improve workplace health through inspiring simple behavioural changes such as taking the stairs instead of the lift. The difference this could make to everyone’s heart and health is staggering, for example, just 7 minutes of stair climbing a day reduces the risk of heart attack by 50% over 10 years!

Stair climbing is also great for preventing weight gain and is classed as ‘vigorous’ exercise, burning more calories per minute than jogging. So there are so many reasons to take the stairs – no expensive gym membership required and no additional time needed in a daily routine.

Andrew Attfield, Associate Director of Public Health at Barts Health NHS Trust, said “With cardiovascular disease one of the main causes of death and disability in the UK, it’s important to do all we can to make the environment friendly for building physical activity into our busy lives.  We know this helps reduce risk by supporting a healthy lifestyle. 

“StepJockey has been hugely popular and we have a team of employees here who are using the World Towers Challenge to train for the Marathon des Sables and raise money for our partners at London’s Air Ambulance charity.”

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ECigIntelligence analysts inject a note of caution into the heated-tobacco hype

  • Even without FDA approval of reduced-risk claims, ECigIntelligence analysts predict IQOS will do well in US
  • But success seen in Japanese market will be difficult to replicate


Heated tobacco will play an important role in the future of the US tobacco alternatives market no matter what the FDA eventually decides, analysts at ECigIntelligence believe.

We predict that heated tobacco products will be successful in the US market whether or not Philip Morris International (PMI) is successful in its application to use reduced risk health claims when marketing its IQOS product.

We note that although several claims were rejected, one of the company’s health claims was approved by the agency’s Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee (TPSAC) – a fact overlooked in many reports on the matter and a significant positive in itself.

And if the FDA follows the panel’s recommendation on that, IQOS would be able to make some form of reduced risk claim based on last week’s decisions.

However, our analysts urge some caution.

The potential smoker conversion numbers for IQOS have excited investors for many months.

There has been speculation that a successful application could see heated tobacco overtake vapor e-cigarettes as the number one alternative tobacco product. But we believe that may be a step too far.

And we note that it may not be possible to replicate the success IQOS has enjoyed in Japan in other markets.

Barnaby Page, ECigIntelligence Editorial Director, said: “We expect heated tobacco may well have a strong role to play in the market, but those enthused by its commercial potential should consider all the issues.

“Undoubtedly it has plenty of positives for both the consumer and the industry, but exactly how it will co-exist with both conventional cigarettes and e-cigarettes remains open to question.”


Limited awareness


Research conducted by ECigIntelligence has shown little awareness of heated tobacco among e-cigarette users. 75% of French vapers had not even heard of heated-tobacco products.

There is also a degree of outside uncertainty. Regulation and studies into the health impact of heated tobacco are ongoing. Negative indications from either could restrict the market.

And there is no guarantee the products would replicate the accomplishments seen in markets such as Japan.

Japan remains an unusual market almost ideal for heated tobacco. It has:

  • A very small e-cig market due to nicotine restrictions
  • Low restrictions on tobacco advertising
  • Very high population density, making branded stores in urban centres a practical proposition
  • High disposable income levels, interest in technology and preference for light or menthol cigarettes among consumers.

Page added: “Even without reduced-risk approval, IQOS can succeed in the US – though it may never equal the performance seen in Japan.”


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Novodiax receives two awards for Innovative ihcDirect IHC Products

Hayward, CA, February 6, 2018–  Novodiax was voted the “Best Immunoassays Development Company for 2018” and the “Most Innovative IHC Technology company” for the Company’s innovative ihcDirect Products. The award was given at the Third-Annual Biotechnology Awards by GHP (Global Health & Pharma). Novodiax is dedicated to advancing tissue-based diagnostics and immunoassays. Novodiax’s proprietary, supersensitive enzymatic signal amplification detection system provides a revolutionary 10 minute intraoperative IHC result and accelerates Companion Diagnostic development.




For inquiries please contact: 

Novodiax, Inc.

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Author & Founder of Kanekt 365 Releases New eBook About How to Up the Ante on Productivity

A new book gives five keys sure to increase staff productivity for business owners with far too much to do.


Plymouth, NH – February 2, 2018 – Who doesn’t want to build their brand, generate leads, and effectively cut costs while they grow their business? Sounds like a juggling act.  But the authors of a new book entitled, “5 Ways to Increase Productivity in the Workplace: Achieving Extraordinary Productivity” say it doesn’t have to be.  With strategies for business basics like helpful customer service calls, tech support, order processing, and appointment setting that results in lead generation, author Jeffrey Morin takes a pointed approach.  Co-written with Melissa Rudy, the ebook is now offered on Amazon Kindle for $9.99. 


The book starts with exploring employee incentives and moves to the importance of empowering offsite teams.  For instance, the authors say the answering service of the past is now the contact center hub for booming businesses in the U.S.  It appears the digital age mantra is all about multi-tasking.  And, fortunately, gaining help for ample productivity that builds brands is the gettable get.


“There are steps companies can take internally with their workforce and processes, but when a business looks beyond their own walls, they find that the opportunities for growth are endless, inexpensive and easy to access,” says Morin, also the founder of Kanekt 365. “It comes down to partnering with the right firm.”


Among other helpful points, 5 Ways to Increase Productivity in the Workplace says business owners can grow their businesses, for less than $14 an hour, by employing offsite staff.  This way, the productivity book says, business owners can cut HR costs, get calls answered, follow up on emails and texts, all while they get their social media managed.  Inbound calls, as well as outbound calls, can now filter through a system that enhances the overall vision of a company to increase profits and brand recognition.


“Over and over we see that a 24/7, 365 days-a-year call center and online chat support system poised to meet customer needs is a requisite advantage,” adds Morin.


With adept information to enhance teamwork as well, the book shares the importance of training, the dangers of micromanaging, and the ins and outs of gamification.  By helping to build a community that strives to meet goals together, the book also underscores rewards for success, status badges, and the encouragement of healthy competition.  To that end, 5 Ways to Improve Productivity in the Workplace engages the central commonality for all effective businesses – onsite and offsite teams empowered to succeed. 


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CoolHead- World’s First and Only Cooling Cycling Helmet

CoolHead today announced the launch of its Kickstarter campaign to provide a cycling helmet designed to reduce body temperature while providing state-of-the-art head protection.

As many cyclists and other athletes know, heat can be fatal if precautions are not taken. When the outside temperature rises above 82 degrees Fahrenheit, the body begins to experience issues starting with cramps and exhaustion. If a body reaches 104 degrees Fahrenheit, it begins to affect vulnerable nerve cells, many of which are in the brain. CoolHead’s unique design takes on this issue with its special, patented material that only requires a small amount of cold water; CoolHead’s design and technology have proven to reduce heat to 15 – 20 degrees Fahrenheit lower than normal body temperature for hours.

“I’ve faced many race and training days alike when temperatures have reached dangerous highs, putting myself and other riders at risk,” stated Sergejs Zelinskis, Founder of CoolHead. “After years of being driven inside to train or risking my health in high temperatures, I set out to develop a helmet that would solve this problem once and for all.”

CoolHead is built on a high-grade, extra thick PVA with evaporative technology to deliver unparalleled results. Other features of the helmet include: 

  • All white helmet color to reduce heat absorption;
  • Optical shield with magnetic attachment, wind tunnel aided design, cooling comfort padding, and slimline buckle, which can easily be taken off or flipped inside of the helmet when not in use;
  • Aero-dynamic design for perfect airflow, which also aids in increased rider speed;
  • Cushioned, comfortable buckle;
  • Small opening on the back of the helmet to restore cooling material with cold water on the go;
  • Lightweight at only 10 ounces (280g); and,
  • Availability in two sizes.

Notably, CoolHead has already received the top-tier safety certifications, EN166, EN170 and EN1078, proving it not only significantly cools a cyclist’s body, but also provides the best protection available.

Zelinskis continued, “When we reach our Kickstarter campaign fundraising goal, all CoolHead helmets will be manufactured in Miami, Florida, assuring top quality production. Those who back us early will be able to receive these industry-leading helmets at 33% off their retail value.”

About CoolHead 
CoolHead is a helmet designed for reducing body temperature in the most important part of rider’s body- the brain. Its unique design provides protection against penetration but it also ensures hours of reduced heat while cycling to a pleasant 15F° – 20F° / 8C°-12C° below average body temperature. 
Learn More About CoolHead, the Coolest Cycling Helmet on Earth. Literally.

Kickstarter Campaign


Sergejs Zelinskis 


GymCoin Announces First Fitness ICO That Allows Digital Currency To Be Accepted At Gyms Worldwide

GymCoin has positioned itself to change the landscape of the fitness industry by offering a global platform that will allow users to pay gyms, dance studios, personal trainers, supplement stores, and health apps using digital currency. This one of kind Pre-ICO Sale offers investors the chance to get in before the GymCoin token hits the exchanges.

New York, NY – January 16th 2018, GymCoin made international headlines today with the announcement of their Pre-ICO Sale leading up to the launch of their ICO that is set to change the way gyms do business. GymCoin is poised to be one of the best ICO’s this year as the use of Digital Currencies rise and global gym memberships are on the incline, the environment is ripe for this type of Fitness ICO.

GymCoin is a peer to peer, decentralized digital currency designed entirely for the fitness industry. The GymCoin platform allows gym users to pay gyms, personal trainers and other fitness related businesses directly through their phones with GymCoin. This one of a kind platform is accessible at the press of a button on any phone and grants them access to over 20,000 gyms worldwide. The GymCoin mobile app is filled with features including the ability to send funds to anyone anywhere using the mobile wallet. Travelers will no longer have to worry about how to transfer funds while on vacation. This new and refreshing ICO will eliminate the problem faced by gym users who are traveling or on holiday by providing them with instant access to the gym of their choosing wherever they might be.

The team behind GymCoin has a combined experience of over 30 years with expertise in nearly every sector from the fitness and banking industries to coding and cryptocurrency trading. It was this wealth of knowledge that allowed the team at GymCoin to create built in security features that makes this platform excel in terms of user security and speed. Built on the blockchain, GymCoin’s transaction fees are extremely low as compared to other programs using fiat currencies. The GymCoin platform is user-friendly and combined with all of the other features, this ICO has the ability to revolutionize the fitness industry.

During a recent press conference, CEO of GymCoin Kishan Modha was quoted as saying, “GymCoin represents a new ecosystem for the fitness industry to allow our users to pay using their Digital Currency that is stored in the wallet attached to the user’s account. Anyone who cares for their health and travels on business or vacation wishes they could use their local gym membership abroad, and now they can.” He went on to say, “The attached wallet can also be used to send or receive funds, which can be useful while on the go.”

The Pre-ICO is set to launch on January 25th 2018 and the token sale is capped at 50,000,000 GYM tokens. Once the cap has been reached tokens will no longer be offered at the discounted Pre-Sale price. This is expected to be a highly sought after Fitness ICO and potential investors are urged to register for this ICO as soon as possible.

To learn more about this ICO and the GymCoin platform, visit their official website at http:/ or download their Whitepaper directly by clicking here.


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BuildMyBod Health – the online marketplace for healthcare services, releases its 2018 Annual Health Pricing Report.

San Francisco, CA, January 18 2018 – BuildMyBod Health – the online marketplace for healthcare services, releases its 2018 Annual Health Pricing Report.


BuildMyBod Health is the number one trusted online marketplace for healthcare services. It provides consumers and employers with self-funded plans free access to its robust database of price information on medically necessary procedures typically paid out of pocket before a deductible is met or because the service is considered cosmetic. These prices are often better than the so-called negotiated rates provided by insurance companies and reflected in claims data.


BuildMyBod Health also offers a Pricing Assistant for doctors and facilities to better understand how their prices fit within the competitive landscape of other healthcare providers. No claims data or nebulous ranges are used in calculating consumer price quotes; only actionable data.


New to the BuildMyBod database this year are medically necessary procedures such as: colonoscopy, blood tests, CT scans, and a slew of services and procedures aimed at back pain sufferers. According to the American Chiropractic Association, “31 million Americans experience low-back pain at any given time.” Our data shows that Americans are spending an average of $1647 for an epidural injection to alleviate such. BuildMyBod provider, Dr. Richard Kube of Prairie Spine, specializes in minimally invasive spine treatments and pain management remedies and offers patients price estimates through the BuildMyBod Price Estimator on his website. These include epidural injections, disc replacements and fusions to name a few.


In the cosmetic space, as reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 17.1 million total cosmetic procedures were performed in 2016. Breast augmentation remains the most popular with liposuction ranking a close second. According to our data, consumers are dishing out anywhere from $5,900-$6,900 for a fuller chest.


Other procedures of interest mentioned in the 2018 Health Pricing Report include:


Brazilian Butt Lift (using fat injections), US average, US average: $9,148


  • West Region average: $11,819
  • South Region average: $8,274
  • Northeast Region average: $7,425



Chin Enlargement (with implant) US average: $4,012


  • West Region average: $3,897
  • Midwest Region average: $3,417
  • South Region average: $4,333
  • Northeast Region average: $3,163



Tummy Tuck US average: $7,936


  • West Region average: $8,628
  • Midwest Region average: $7,322
  • South Region average: $7,744
  • Northeast Region average: $7,601


About BuildMyBod Health:

BuildMyBod Health continues to leave its mark in the healthcare space by making price transparency in healthcare easily accessible through advances in information technology. Consumers across the country can check pricing and purchase procedures and services straight from, the doctor’s website, or the BuildMyBod iPhone/iPad app. The price quotes provided are doctor-specific, and include the cost of facelifts and mommy makeovers, to CT scans, spine surgery, hernia repairs and other diagnostic exams. The BuildMyBod Pricing Assistant allows providers to get real-time feedback regarding their fee schedules. Visit the website to learn more.

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Cafe Rogusta announces 100% Pure Single Origin Robusta Coffee

Panama – Café Rogusta is proud to announce their new product, 100% Pure Single Origin Robusta Coffee. The coffee is made in Panama, one of the world’s most famous destinations for quality coffee bean production. The original Robusta Coffee is made from coffee Canephora plant, handpicked, pulped, dried, and expertly roasted by locals. It doesn’t contain any additives, pesticides, or herbicides, has low acidity and pleasant bitterness levels, and is grown in family-owned plantations with many years of integrity, trust, and quality. The product is available in two versions; 100% pure ground and 100% pure whole bean.

For more information visit their website The products can also be purchased on Amazon.

“Our coffee is made by family-owned farms and locals who nurture its land. These coffee beans have a rich history of serving the world with pure taste and pleasure in a cup. We offer our customers exclusive product and price, where they get the best deals and excellent taste at the same time,” said Juan Rojas, a representative of Café Rogusta.

The Café Rogusta brand of coffee beans is trusted the world over. The company offers consumers the best of artisanal coffee, from the mountains of Panama. What makes the product unique among others is the high level of caffeine, which is about 84%, making it better than Arabian coffee. 100% Pure Single Origin Robusta Coffee is made in the most suitable weather conditions, planted and harvested by locals, and prepared using a combination of age-old and modern methods. This pure production method ensures there are no impurities, chemical additives, or pesticides that may be harmful to the human body.

Buy the Pure Ground or the Pure Whole Bean on Amazon store and enjoy enormous discounts.

“Rogusta coffee is one of the best in the world. As an ardent coffee drinker, I have tasted everything. Rogusta is the perfect thing to start my morning. The taste is great, and it gives me plenty of energy to go through the day. Coffee has never been so greatly made with so much passion and commitment,” said Aaron B, a customer.

The coarsely ground gourmet coffee is the right sip on every morning. It will wake you up and energize you to take charge of the whole day. Experience the difference in the perfect cup of coffee. Available in 100% pure ground and 100% pure whole bean.

About Café Rogusta

Café Rogusta is known all over the world as manufacturers of quality coffee from the mountains of Panama. The company is committed to delivering high-quality coffee that is healthy and affordable.

For more information, please contact 786-374-2909,, or visit  

Media Contact
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