AEE Honors Energy Efficiency Professionals at the 41st International Awards Banquet

Charlotte, NC – Through its International Awards Program, the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) shines the light on the important work that is being done by individuals, organizations, agencies, and corporations. By identifying those who exemplify the very best in their fields, energy professionals are honored and the industry is advanced. Recognition of excellence by one’s peers and other professionals in the energy industry is the purpose of this program.

The 2018 International Awards will be presented the evening of Wednesday, October 17th at the AEE International Awards Banquet, being held at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, NC in conjunction with the 41st World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC).

  • Energy Engineer of the Year – Shail Derashri, Senior Energy Analyst, Academy for Conservation of Energy
  • Corporate Energy Management – Baxter Healthcare Corporation
  • Institutional Energy Management of the Year – University of British Columbia
  • Energy Professional Development – Harris Schaer, Director, Energy and Sustainability, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
  • Energy Manager of the Year – Bobby H. Starling, President, B. Starling & Associates, Inc.
  • Energy Project of the Year: National – Retro-commissioning the World’s Busiest Airport
  • Energy Project of the Year: International – Cradle of Humankind
  • Innovative Energy Project of the Year – DirectLink LNG
  • Energy Innovator of the Year – Yolanda de Lange, Project Manager, Energy Training Foundation
  • Young Energy Professional of the Year – Katie Dimmer, Energy Engineer, Charter Steel
  • Young Energy Professional of the Year – Maher Maymoun, Energy Efficiency Consultant, Izzat Marji Group
  • Young Energy Professional of the Year – Shutaro Takeda, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto University
  • Distinguished Service – Ian Boylan, Director, Target Energy


For detailed information on the award winners and their outstanding accomplishments, please visit

New innovative brand for reusable drinking bottles “JuNiki’s Double Neck”: Fashionable German househusband engineered the world’s most convenient and hygienic drinking bottle – now available @KickStarter

World’s Most Hygienic Drinking Bottle

Have you heard about JuNiki’s, the new kind of hygienic drinking bottle? JuNiki’s claims to be the world’s most convenient & hygienic drinking bottle and they aren’t joking around! This revolutionary new drinking bottle has been enginWe found the world's most convenient and hygienic drinking bottle!eered by Dr. Christian Kehlenbeck from Germany and I assure you, you’re going to want one of these bottles once you learn more.


The Fashionable Housewife: Christian, in your normal, everyday life you work as a management consultant, so what is the story behind inventing a new kind of drinking bottle when there are so many at market already?

Dr. Christian Kehlenbeck: Normally I am not at home during the week because I am working at the client site, but following an intense project, I took a break from working and became a househusband for almost two years. During this time I took responsibility for preparing food and drinking bottles early in the morning for my two girls, who were both at primary school at that time. I quickly became really frustrated with reusable water bottles that are currently available on the market. In my experience, all those reusable bottles have at least one major pain point: They are either really hard or next to impossible to clean thoroughly, not leak-proof when carrying in a bag, not easy to drink from without spilling, or almost impossible to get refilled under a tiny dispenser or certain faucets. It’s ridiculous!

The Fashionable Housewife: I hear you! I have the same problem with all of the reusable water bottles I’ve tried. So what did you do?

Dr. Christian Kehlenbeck: I identified the main construction issue of current types of drinking bottles:

  • Small mouth bottle -> easy to drink but hard to clean, no option to add fruits or ice
  • Wide mouth bottle -> easy to fill and clean but hard to drink without spilling
  • Medium sized opening -> just combining disadvantages of both worlds instead of solving the issue
  • Wide mouth with fancy one push opening? No way, almost impossible to clean, mold will win at the end of the day.

And I realized that the perfect, most convenient and hygienic drinking bottle needs both: A small AND a wide mouth. Hard to realize, but I did, by inventing the – international patent application filed – double necked cap, which is giving all the benefits!

JuNiki’s cap design offers a smaller angled opening for spill-free sipping and another angled wide-mouth opening for easy refilling (also horizontally) or loading in larger items like ice cubes, fruits, or even wheatgrass! Plus JuNiki’s Double Neck is specially constructed for quick cleaning, offering an overall hygienic drinking bottle design that is free of blind spots that are impossible to clean and preventing mold and mildew build up. Finally – the first wide-mouth flask that you can carry in your bag without risk of flooding and yet drink from without any spills.

As a result, I produced the first version of JuNiki’s for school children, made of Tritan by Eastman, available in Germany from beginning of this year.

The Fashionable Housewife: And right now you are running a Kickstarter campaign for new types of water bottles that are geared for adults, right?

Dr. Christian Kehlenbeck: Correct! Fashionable housewives around me identified the benefits of this new flask, and they did ask for bigger versions, not for their children but for themselves! They wanted to be able to take their own fresh and healthy drinks to the office or to the gym. They also asked for other materials than Tritan.

Because of the benefits of having the double neck, this has been an easier task: Searching for the best wide mouth bottle bodies and adapting the cap to make it fit to the new materials. That’s it! The new JuNiki’s bottles come in two food safe, BPA free materials, both types being absolutely leak-proof also with carbonated drinks: Vacuum-insulated 304 Pro-Grade Stainless Steel (18/32/64oz) & Borosilicate Glass with single-wall (18oz) and double-wall (11oz) design. We are confident that once you try JuNiki’s, you’ll agree that it is indeed the world’s most convenient and hygienic drinking bottle available on the market today.

These amazing hygienic drinking bottles are being produced right now and preordering via Kickstarter is still possible until August 28th noon! Click here to learn more:

This interview has been conducted by Sarah-Jean Ballard. She is the Editor-in-Chief & Publisher of The Fashionable Housewife blog and the founder of Fashionable Media network. Sarah-Jean is a wife, stay-at-home mother of FOUR and a diehard fashionista who uses her blog to share advice and review products that can “Help moms like YOU, look fashionable too!”®

Dr. Christian Kehlenbeck is the founder and managing partner of JuNiki’s Double Neck. You can reach him via


Link to JuNiki‘s website:

Link to KickStarter:

Link to The Fashionable Housewife:

Novodiax introduces ihcDirect® Pan-CK 4Abs, AE1/AE3, CEA, and CD45 reagents to growing list of 10-Minute IHC Assays for in-vitro diagnostic use.

Hayward, CA, August 17, 2018– Novodiax Inc., a leader in intraoperative immunohistochemistry (IHC) technology, announces the availability of four new ihcDirect staining kits for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) use: Pan-CK 4Abs, AE1/AE3, CEA and CD45 Assays. “These products demonstrate our continued drive to deliver meaningful 10-minute IHC test results on frozen tissues to improve patient care for hospitals and clinicians,” said Jianfu Wang, PhD, CEO of Novodiax. The Oncology assays can reduce surgeon wait times for histology results from hours to minutes, thus speeding the clinical interpretation of tissue staining patterns while often eliminating subsequent follow up visits and surgeries.

The ihcDirect Pan-CK 4Abs (pan-cytokeratin 4 antibodies) assay detects cytokeratins 1-8, 10, 14-16, 18, and 19. Pan-cytokeratin tests have been used for evaluating micrometastases in sentinel lymph nodes from patients with breast carcinomas. The cocktail also overcomes the poor reactivity of AE1/AE3 in frozen epithelial tissues, such as skin and lung.

The ihcDirect CEA assay detects Carcinoembryonic Antigen, (CEA, also known as CD66e) that is expressed in colorectal cancers (CRC) and is a biomarker commonly used in a colorectal cancer IHC antibody panel. CEA expression can be seen in adenocarcinomas from the lung, colon, stomach, liver, and breast.  The marker is often used with other markers to help distinguish between adenocarcinoma and epithelioid malignant mesotheliomas.

The ihcDirect CD45 (Cluster of Differentiation 45) assay is   intended for the identification of a broad range of leucocytes. CD45, also named Leucocyte Common Antigen (LCA), is expressed in all leucocytes including both B and T lymphocytes as well as other hematopoietic cells, such as basophils, granulocytes, macrophages / histiocytes, mast cells, and monocytes. This test may be applied to individuals suspected of having related forms of lymphomas or other hematopoietic tumors.

The ihcDirect AE1/AE3 assay is intended for the identification of a broad range of cytokeratin proteins which are expressed in tissues of epithelial origin, including squamous and glandular epithelial cells.

Using our patent pending technology, antibody incubation time is only 3-minutes for frozen tissues. The technology also reduces the number of test steps when compared to traditional IHC test methods by eliminating the need for secondary antibodies and subsequent wash steps. All Novodiax ihcDirect reagents and test kits use the same 10-minute test turnaround protocol for frozen tissues. Most of the tests can also be performed using formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues. These ready-for-use immunohistochemistry reagents and antibody test kits can be purchased as individual reagents or as a complete test kit including: antibody, blocker and DAB chromogen.  The test results for this product should be interpreted by a qualified pathologist in conjunction with histological examination, relevant clinical information, and proper controls. These products are intended for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) use.


About Novodiax:

Novodiax, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 2009 and dedicated to advancing tissue-based and cell-based diagnostics and immunoassays. The company developed the innovative ihcDirect platform allowing rapid determination of tissue during intraoperative procedures and is exploring applications for companion diagnostics. For further information visit our website at


For inquiries please contact: 

Novodiax, Inc.

3517 Breakwater Ave

Hayward, CA 94545, USA                                                                                                                       

Toll Free: +1 (888) 439-2716

Phone: +1 (510) 342-3043


Bishop Toris T. Young give status report and commits to standing with Puerto Rico in Long-term Recovery

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO, July, 31, 2018—-/Lightning Releases / Now that we are in the midst of hurricane season 2018, Bishop Toris T. Young, Greater Bibleway Church International, Greater Bibleway Housing and Community Development Corp., New Faith Church, Greater Bibleway Missionary Baptist Church, Louisiana Ministerial Alliance Of Churches, partners, members and friends united as we stand with our family, friends and strangers of Puerto Rico. ” We are welcoming home Bishop Toris T. Young and the thousands of faithful volunteers who have been on the ground since the day Hurricane Irma and Maria hit, and we have a team of 500 faithful missionaries, ministers and workers who will continue to help them rebuild their lives.” said Joseph D. Tate director of operations for Greater Bibleway Church International Puerto Rico. As hurricane season enters 2018 people around the globe are still reeling from last year’s devastating storms and preparing for new storms that may affect people from coast to coast. That’s why Bishop Toris T. Young, Greater Bibleway Church International will continue to lead organizations, churches, civic groups, elected officials and people of good will to the aid of millions of people affect by these tragic events. Bishop Toris T. Young announce a multi-year recovery plan aimed are rehabilitating more than 600 homes and 100 churches in central and southern Puerto Rico. “It’s important for people in Puerto Rico to know they are not forgotten, and that God loves them, Bishop Toris T. young and Greater Bibleway Church International and its partners love them,” said Greater Bibleway Church International (GBCI) Pastor, Bishop and C.E.O. Bishop Toris T. Young.  “We have been on the ground in Puerto Rico since the day Hurricane Irma and Maria hit, and we will continue and not leave until the work is complete and people’s lives have been restored and re-build, this is our goal, our mandate to do the hard work.” Greater Bibleway Church International and its partners have a plan, a much-needed solar energy project for 200 homes in Yabucoa, one of the hardest-hit areas on the island, where residents continue to be affected by intermittent power outages. Teams have begun installing the solar units in the past two months of 2018. The solar project is the second of its kind for GBCI following hurricane Katrina which struck the gulf coast of Louisiana and Mississippi affecting the home of Greater Bibleway Church international GBCI in the city of New Orleans. The time-intensive installation process will provide enough electricity for a small home, including enough to power a refrigerator, which is critically important when electricity isn’t available because it allows residents to keep crucial prescription medications and temperature-sensitive food items from spoiling. “We are here to stay” said Bishop Young

Bishop Toris T. Young, Greater Bibleway Church International and its partners around the world, would like to thank the many men and women who made the following possible:

PUERTO RICO STATISTICS: Greater Bibleway Church International GBCI Post-Irma & Maria Aid

10,800 Bibles

8,250 people served by 102 free mobile medical clinics

2,300+ generator kits

837 helicopter trips to deliver tons of food, supplies across the island, GBCI in March shipped another 700 generator kits, which include a generator, oil, a gas can and solar lights. The kits are being distributed to vulnerable families in remote areas of central Puerto Rico that still do not have access to power.

82,000 tarps, helping households stay dry until permanent repairs can be made

60,000 grocery boxes, in partnership with FEMA and partners world-wide

6,000+ solar lamps

25,000 Sawyer water filters

Tens of thousands of buckets and jerry cans used to transport water

BACKGROUND REPORT: Caribbean-Wide Response to Date Continues

  1. Rev. Toris T. Young, Greater Bibleway Church International and its world-wide partners report the following:

Our first deployed teams of disaster response members across a few Caribbean islands in the immediate aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria to provide medical help, mental health, spiritual and distribute food, emergency shelter and materials, clean water, hygiene kits and solar lights to families in need.

Over the subsequent weeks and months, GBCI have taken many FedEX planeloads of relief supplies from around the globe to the Caribbean, airlifting more than 1,500 tons of emergency relief supplies and key staff. With the conclusion of the emergency response phase, GBCI is now shipping additional supplies on barges, with more than 2,500 tons of aid shipped by air and sea to the Caribbean so far. Many supplies have also been sourced locally.

In addition to distributing relief supplies, GBCI established a Go-Fund-Me page to help children who are separated from their parents, due to the high rate of incarceration go to to donate to this cause.


More than 75 homes have been repaired, with another 150 targeted for completion by the end of 2018. GBCI staff have completed repairs to five church buildings and will work on five other churches that were significantly damaged. GBCI also installed a reverse-osmosis plant that continues to provide safe water for families as they move back to the island.


GBCI plan to assist with an estimated 2,000 roof repairs. Over the next two to three years, Bishop Toris T. Young has authorized plans to repair 43 churches and provide reconstruction support to approximately 1,000 people through home repair efforts. GBCI, in partnership with the local community, continues to truck clean water to communities in need.

St. Martin

GBCI, was the first religious organization of it’s kind to arrive after the hurricane with food, water and heavy-duty shelter materials, plans to repair 50 churches, restore 400 homes and provide 1,500 families with material assistance vouchers to purchase large appliances, lumber, windows, roofing supplies or other construction materials.

Houston, Baytown, Port Author Texas

GBCI, the first religious organization on the ground in Texas during the 2017 flooding, assist with an estimated 50,000 meals served, 30,000 heavy-duty shelter materials and 20,000 Bibles. Worked with the many volunteer groups to rescue some 15,000 residents from their homes. EMTs, members of the military, police, and all good will who have rolled up their sleeves to help the people of Texas.


About Greater Bibleway Church International (GBCI)

To follow what (GBCI) is doing:

For media contact information please contact Lisa Prout @ (504) 702-8330 or Linda Fulcher@ (870) 816-0557 or

Mailing Address:

Greater Bibleway Church International

6122 5th Ave.

Marrero, Louisiana 70072


Greater Bibleway Church International

211 Almond Dr.

Baytown, Texas 77520

U.S. locations:

New Orleans




Denver N.C.



Jackson MS

Deasil Cognitive Launches, Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for Industrial and Public Sector Benefits

Media Contact
Karl Hirsch

GLENDALE, CA – July 30, 2018 – Deasil Cognitive, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company with its proprietary IP, unique technology stack, and distinctively experienced management team is poised to transform such varied fields as automotive, healthcare and government. The company is an offshoot of Deasil Works, the world-renowned California based software development company.

“Deasil means to move clockwise or in the right direction,” said Jeff Masud, COO of Deasil Cognitive. 
“Our mission is to use cognitive technologies to move industry and government in the right direction of their objectives. We’re passionate about using artificial intelligence for transcendent benefit.” Industry research suggests the sector Deasil Cognitive is entering will reach $6 to $8 Trillion in value within the next ten years.

Deasil Cognitive projects that its platform will be able to build value across multiple sectors. In healthcare, for example, Deasil Cognitive can mine medical records to optimize patient care for the V.A. and private healthcare companies. In this process, the platform collects, stores and normalizes data, tracing its lineage and actioning it for enhanced treatment plans. The technology can be leveraged to streamline processes and root out therapies from a database of molecular structures to combat diseases. Applying AI at the sensor level, in the Internet of Things (IoT), Deasil Cognitive will also monitor medical equipment to avoid failures and reduce delays in surgeries, MRIs and X-Rays. “It starts with machine learning and AI, but we can save lives if we focus on what’s important and bring this technology stack to its full potential,” Masud added.

The architecture of the Deasil Cognitive platform is a key factor in its transformative potential. With a microservices architecture, the platform can be at once flexible, scalable and high-performing. The software can invoke microservices for Machine Learning, Machine Reasoning, Natural Language Processing, and Blockchain on demand. As needed, it can add scale at the services level, making the deployment agile but powerful.  “The Deasil Cognitive platform has been uniquely built to scale and support what is coming next year and for the next ten years” Craig Johnston, CTO of Deasil Cognitive added.

Deasil Cognitive has engaged a world-renowned team of professionals with deep knowledge and experience of business development, software development as well as technologies and operations in oil and gas, manufacturing, aviation, automotive, transportation and government. Each core team member has over 25 years each of experience in designing, developing and selling technology solutions for these segments.  The company’s board of advisors each has over 40 years each of relationships and experience across the verticals mentioned above to help drive new business opportunities for Deasil Cognitive.


For more Information, visit



Tahitian Noni Juice creators sign long-term agreement with Miss Tahiti pageant

Sponsorship agreement is one more in a long list of successful partnerships with the government and people of French Polynesia


AMERICAN FORK, UTAH; July 13, 2018—Morinda, the company that gave the world Tahitian Noni Juice, has signed a long-term deal to become a title sponsor of the Miss Tahiti pageant. The agreement is the latest manifestation of a wonderful and mutually beneficial relationship with the people and government of Tahiti—the home of the world’s best noni.


“We couldn’t be happier to work once more with the amazing people of Tahiti by sponsoring the Miss Tahiti pageant,” said Shon Whitney, global vice president of sales and marketing. “It makes all the sense in the world for us to be a part of this magnificent event—which is actually a celebration of health, beauty and the Tahitian culture. We built our company on these three bedrock principles.”


Tahiti is a place of unrivaled beauty. From white-sand beaches to dramatic volcanic mountain ranges, Tahiti’s landscape is breathtaking. Likewise, its people are beautiful and strong. Morinda feels a great corporate responsibility to preserve Tahiti’s great culture of health and beauty, and Whitney believes this partnership will help do just that.


“We draw so much inspiration from Tahiti,” he said. “Not only is it the home of noni, but it’s the heart and soul of our whole company. The people, the beautiful landscape—we think about Tahiti with every step we take. We hope by partnering with the Miss Tahiti Pageant to preserve that culture, and also shine a light on this heavenly place.”


In addition to offering public relations, operational and financial support for the event, Morinda will also reward the winner of the pageant, “Miss Tahiti,” the opportunity to be a worldwide spokesperson, and the cornerstone of a large publicity and awareness campaign. This campaign will whisk her away to fabulous locations all over the world.  


Morinda’s unique public-private relationship with Tahiti and the government of French Polynesia spans over two decades. In 1996, Morinda created a market for the noni fruit, which grows in abundance on the islands of French Polynesia, and brought thousands of jobs to the country, especially in the rural areas. Tahitian Noni Juice, Morinda’s flagship product, is a worldwide phenomenon, and it caused noni to become Tahiti’s No. 1 agricultural export in less than two years. Morinda built a huge state-of-the-art processing facility on the island of Tahiti, creating more jobs in the process, and is a frequent supporter of Tahitian social causes—providing relief after natural disasters and maintaining support of a local orphanage.


“We are always looking for more opportunities to partner with the people of Tahiti,” Whitney said. “We just feel so honored to be a part of that nation’s proud story.”

Local Tech Business Partners with Scott Hamilton’s Foundation to Fight Cancer through Corporate Giving

NASHVILLE, Tenn., June 27, 2018 –Forward It On, a web-based employee giving platform, has forged a partnership with Scott Hamilton’s CARES Foundation (CARES), company officials announced today. CARES is now a featured nonprofit available to Forward It On’s corporate and individual donor clients.

“After losing my mother to cancer and then beating it three times myself, I started CARES to further the conversation about cancer in hopes to motivate and fund new treatments,” said Scott Hamilton, Olympic gold medal figure skater and CARES CEO. “Forward It On connects my charity with purpose-driven businesses and their employee donors who share my mission. Together we can turn cancer upside down.”

Nashville-based Mosaic Consulting Group, LLC leverages the Forward It On platform to enable employee giving. Mosaic, a consulting group that focuses exclusively on the HR Information System system, UltiPro, will be using UltiPro coupled with Forward It On to facilitate employee giving. Mosaic has selected CARES as their primary corporate charity and will match employee contributions based on company performance.

“Our team members have had experiences with cancer — either fighting it themselves or supporting a loved one battling the disease. We want to link arms with them in their fight by working with a charity that’s doing the same,” said Mosaic CEO, Vicki Hill.

“The majority of our team members work remotely. It’s important for us to create a passion-driven culture that bonds us together, even though we may not see each other every day.” said Hill. “Investing in the causes that our team members care about and helping them do the same brings us together with a common purpose that is meaningful for all of us.”

While Mosaic leadership has fostered corporate giving initiatives before, Forward It On’s platform will make it easier for team members to donate, track participation and gain feedback on the impact of their donations—a formula that has proven to double repeat engagement.

“Nonprofits like CARES are on a mission to improve lives. We developed Forward It On to connect those nonprofits with people and businesses who share similar missions,” said Forward It On co-founder and CEO Walker Morrow. “It’s inspiring to see the platform joining folks with similar passions while improving team member engagement.”

A recent Gallup poll shows nearly 70 percent of team members are not engaged in their work. Corporate giving initiatives are proven to boost engagement. Among 357,000 employees surveyed by Great Place to Work, “those who had a positive experience of giving back at work were four times more likely to say their teams were willing to give extra to get the job done. They were also more likely to be brand ambassadors eager to express pride in their employers and to say they want to stay with their companies for a long time.”

“Doing good, and good business are not mutually exclusive. Instead, good business relies on goodwill. We’re proud to be a part of that movement,” said Hill.




About Forward It On: Forward It On is a web-based platform designed to connect nonprofits with employee, employer and individual donors and then improve donor engagement through consistent reporting and communication. Headquartered in Nashville, the technology is available to every nonprofit, corporation and employee in the United States.


About CARES: The Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation, was founded in 2014 by Olympic gold medal figure skater and four-time cancer survivor Scott Hamilton. The not-for-profit 501 (c)(3)’s mission is to change the future of cancer by funding advanced, innovative research that treats the cancer while sparing the patient.


About Mosaic: Mosaic Consulting Group is a Nashville, Tennessee-based consulting company that helps large and mid-sized organizations leverage their investment in UltiPro, an HR, payroll, and benefits platform that helps people manage their biggest and most important investment, their team.

New Book Aimed at Saving Children from Alcoholic Homes

Inspiring New Book About Alcoholism, Shifts Our Focus from the Problem to Solutions – Aimed at Saving Children, is Published

“So You Love an…Alcoholic?” shares a firsthand account of Grace’s journey to living a healthier life full of self-love, acceptance, and truth. It compiles the hard-learned lessons and realizations that she faced during recovery while focusing on bringing healing, affirmation, relief, and wisdom to women who find themselves in the same situation. The lessons found in “So You Love an…Alcoholic?” inspire women to take action and seek help for themselves-not just their alcoholics.

Inspiring New Book About Alcoholism, Shifts Our Focus from the Problem to Solutions - Aimed at Saving Children, is Published

Los Angeles, CA, June 15, 2018 –(– “So, You Love an… Alcoholic?: Lessons for a Codependent,” is a brand new book from author, Grace W. Wroldson.

A brave new author breaks her silence on the subject of alcoholism. Grace boldly shares her story of how she saved her own life from an alcoholic relationship. She, herself, suffered and survived 15 years in a relationship with an active alcoholic. Grace is a writer and mother who believes in the self-love solution and saving children from the codependent-alcoholic dilemma.

This book contains 25+ powerful lessons. Following the life-cycle of a butterfly, she includes her secrets for success from each stage of her journey – from boundaries, forgiveness, self-love – to learning to live again – with wings. This book stands out from others because it offers new hope and sustainable solutions.

Each lesson dives into essential coping strategies the author learned, and used herself, in her journey to transform her pain into wisdom. She writes exactly what it took for her to change in order to live happy, fulfilled, and free. Her lessons are incredibly valuable to anyone seeking self-solutions.

In her book, the author shares her 20 years of recovery knowledge and know-how. The book reveals Grace’s entire journey of waking up from loving an alcoholic – to achieve psychological balance and self-love. Grace details her personal struggle to gain her necessary and profound insights.

The author explains how she was recovering from what she calls a very strong “codependent spell.” She was deeply in love with a person who wouldn’t/couldn’t stop drinking. When he refused to get help, she sought help for herself in the recovery program of Al-Anon, a Twelve-Step group for friends and families of alcoholics.

According to a recent study, approximately 32 million Americans – nearly 1 in 7 adults – have struggled with alcohol use. Even more so, many more millions of Americans who don’t drink are being affected by the alcoholic (or alcohol use) as well. With such a large portion of the population facing the same struggles that Grace did, her story and message are sure to resonate with the millions of readers who love, or are in love with, an alcoholic. America has a drinking problem, and it’s getting more noticeable. Her story delivers help and hope for those being affected.

If you or someone you know is currently in love with a drinker, an alcoholic, or an addict, then “So, You Love an…Alcoholic?: Lessons for a Codependent,” is an excellent choice for a book to read this summer.

In this book, you will learn how one courageous woman dug herself out of the hell of an alcoholic relationship, in order to create a better life for herself and her child. The author’s first-hand experience in dealing with a toxic, codependent relationship will remind you that you are not alone, inspire you, and give you the tools you need to help yourself.

“So, You Love an… Alcoholic?: Lessons for a Codependent” is available on Amazon for $15.99 in paperback form. Kindle for $3.99. Published: May 2018, Pages: 212, Size: 5.5×8.5, ISBN: 9781982205010

“This could be one of the most important books you will ever read.” – Dave R.

Grace W. Wroldson

Asset Bold Left customers seeking new product-Finally an answer

I was an Asset Bold user and loved the product, just like many others. I also used their other products they had. I noticed my appetite was cut with Asset Bold. I was excited to lose weight easier. When their new version of their products came out, they didn’t work at all. I was upset as were so many other customers. 

Asset bold

Asset Bold made some pretty outrageous claims though considering they didn’t tell the public about their hidden ingredient sibutramine banned by the FDA for serious health concerns. Yes, it may have worked for people and most never even reported a side affect, but it was still illegal. Worst of all, they never told their distributors what was in it. Asset’s whole product line, was all merely a duplication of the same ingredients, maybe adding a new one here and there just like other popular Company Floyd Nutrition did with Slim Trim U, which it was all recalled by the FDA. 

Even worse, the people that sold for Asset Bold, sought out getting a product to replace it. They fooled their sellers by making it a new name, Prime, but yet the same product. WOW what some people will do for a buck. They even had people sign agreements to sell this product they knew was a recalled product already.  So yet again, after the FDA caught on, it was yet again recalled, leaving customer’s in the dark. 

I then began looking around and asking other users what they were using instead. Many told me they used several other things that claimed to be the same and was not. Waste of money. I finally found a post from someone who had been using Skinny Bee Platinum. So I did like anyone else would do and Googled it. I found a lot of good things said about it as well as a lot of testimonies. I wanted to know more about it, so I went to the page on their site,

skinny bee platinum

This site is an independent site for Elite Weight Loss Supplements. It sells Skinny Bee Platinum, Skinny Bee Gold, Skinny Bee Xtreme, Skinny Elite and Elite Boost detoxify. I was impressed on the amount of information. I was excited to see a company selling USA made products that actually has documentation that they are USA made. Not someone just making a claim. They even own trademarks to their product names.

I sent in an email requesting some more information and the owner was very helpful. She even gave me great tips for getting started on my new way of eating for faster results. 

Since I started taking Skinny Bee Platinum I have lost 26 pounds and 7 inches off my waist. It’s great to know these are USA made with quality appetite suppressant and has built in detox which I needed. I have gotten my energy back and haven’t worried about food or had cravings anymore. The weight is coming off again. Sure it isn’t just all the pill itself, I do drink my water like they told me to, and I avoid a lot of processed foods/carbs.
But the weight loss struggle is so much easier for me now. 

I was so excited to share my results with my friends and family members that I decided to sign up as an Affiliate and I’ve been making pretty decent money each week just for sharing my link they give me on social media. I went to their Affiliate Page on Elite Weight Loss  to join, They gave me a lot of help getting started and their sellers support group as well as their weight loss group is so helpful. You’re not left in the dark about products wondering what is going on. The products sell themselves because they work and Elite Weight Loss even have a 5 start review on Google.

I was even amazed to see the owner has a video explaining every product in detail on You tube! I found the Channel under Elite Weight Loss when I was doing my search.  It was so helpful.

Skinny Bee Platinum has changed my life. Here is a little information on it as well: 


  • 24 Hour Appetite Control
  • Bee Pollen You Love
  • Stop Cravings
  • Clean Energy
  • Mood Boost
  • Mild Detox
  • Shed Belly Fat
  • Thermogenic

Skinny Bee Platinum is a unique blend of synergistic traditional Chinese herbal ingredients formulated with USA grade quality appetite suppressants and made in the USA.

Stop looking for QUALITY Bee Pollen Supplements!  Stop buying products that don’t work.

  • Skinny Bee Platinum is made with reputation in mind, quality, trust and from our experienced team.
  • Skinny Bee Platinum will boost your weight loss by controlling your appetite and food cravings, reducing the urge to snack.
  • Skinny Bee Platinum will assist with appetite control, detox of liver, colon, while providing a quality vitamin mix while Flushing the colon and liver to assist with extra weight loss.
  • You may also combine this with our Boost detox.
  • Skinny Bee Platinum contains thermogenic fat burners that work synergisticly to provide you a boost of energy to get you through the day, focusing on hard to burn belly fat.

Skinny Bee Platinum will boost your weight loss.

Skinny Bee Platinum is a great weight loss supplement for men and women that can control your appetite while providing you energy for the entire day, or as a preworkout energy boost.

Skinny Bee Platinum works to control calories and as a fat burning supplement.

If you are searching for quality Bee Pollen supplements for how to lose weight fast, you have found them.

For any person of any fitness level, looking to get lean, burn stored fat and reduce your BM and waist circumference.

Following a diet plan like Keto diet, low carbohydrate, Paleo, but need additional carbohydrate control, this vitamin supplement is for you.

Skinny Bee Platinum is a high quality, made in the USA, weight loss supplement.

Skinny Bee Platinum can help you control your cortisol level, the stress hormone that makes you gain weight by improving your mood and focus.

Skinny Bee Platinum contains 60 capsules per bottle.

DIRECTIONS: 2 CAPSULES PER SERVING AS TOLERATED. Always start with one capsule to assess tolerance.


Bee Pollen, Chinese Yam, Senna Cassia, Barberry Wolfberry Fruit, Black Truffle, Hawthorne,Green Tea,Caffeine, Ginseng, Aloe, Lotus Leaf, Dandelion, Radish Seed,Rhubarb, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Buckthorn, Polygonum Multiflorum, Astragalus, Gynostemma, Vitamin Mix, Physillium and USA grade appetite suppressants.



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Skinny Elite Real VS Fake?

Are you concerned that your favorite product Skinny Elite may not be the real deal?

Skinny Elite Registered Trademark number 5201525 is owned by Bee Extremely Amazed LLC. 

Bee Extremely Amazed LLC is the sole owner of Skinny Elite dietary supplement.

Skinny Elite weight loss capsules are pink and the bottle is clear with a black lid and the logo Elite Weight Loss is situated on the upper right corner. 

The word “skinny” appears in black letters while the word “ELITE” appears in bold pink just below it followed by the words “weight loss”. Bee Extremely Amazed LLC name and both appear on the label under the supplement facts. 

Skinny Elite has been informed there are potential imposters, counterfeits and possible trademark infringements on Skinny Elite.

Bee Extremely Amazed has secured legal council to defend it’s trademark and name against this. Legal action will include trademark infringement suit, confusion in the market place tactics by counterfeit products and use of name, posing a health risk to the consumer, and will seek monetary damages for loss of sales and damages including all legal fees and possible imprisionment.

Bee Extremely Amazed and Elite Weight Loss Supplements are made in the USA in a GMP facility with all paperwork on file. 

Bee Extremely Amazed LLC also owns several other trademarks relating to it’s brand including:

Bee Extremely Amazed, Skinny Elite, Elite Weight Loss, Skinny Bee Pollen, Skinny Bee Xtreme, Curve Bee Pollen, Sizzle Me Skinny,
Bee Pollen for Weight Loss, and assumes the names of their other products, Elite Shreds Max, Ignite, Skinny Bee Gold, Astonished, Physique, Keto Elite
to also be a common use in trade as their trademark in dietary supplements.

Skinny Elite Bee Pollen offenders will be prosecuted as well for misleading the public, misbranding supplements, providing false information to credit cards companies regarding the sale of counterfeit products, possible risk to the public’s health if the counterfeits are found to have negative impact on health or any unlabeled ingredients. If you are not buying Skinny Elite from Elite Weight Loss or one of it’s authorized distributors or Affiliates we suggest you toss the product to the can.

Authentic Skinny Elite can be purchased at, ,,, and other authorized sites.

Remember: if it’s not pink, it’s not Skinny Elite!