Deasil Cognitive Launches, Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for Industrial and Public Sector Benefits

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Karl Hirsch

GLENDALE, CA – July 30, 2018 – Deasil Cognitive, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) company with its proprietary IP, unique technology stack, and distinctively experienced management team is poised to transform such varied fields as automotive, healthcare and government. The company is an offshoot of Deasil Works, the world-renowned California based software development company.

“Deasil means to move clockwise or in the right direction,” said Jeff Masud, COO of Deasil Cognitive. 
“Our mission is to use cognitive technologies to move industry and government in the right direction of their objectives. We’re passionate about using artificial intelligence for transcendent benefit.” Industry research suggests the sector Deasil Cognitive is entering will reach $6 to $8 Trillion in value within the next ten years.

Deasil Cognitive projects that its platform will be able to build value across multiple sectors. In healthcare, for example, Deasil Cognitive can mine medical records to optimize patient care for the V.A. and private healthcare companies. In this process, the platform collects, stores and normalizes data, tracing its lineage and actioning it for enhanced treatment plans. The technology can be leveraged to streamline processes and root out therapies from a database of molecular structures to combat diseases. Applying AI at the sensor level, in the Internet of Things (IoT), Deasil Cognitive will also monitor medical equipment to avoid failures and reduce delays in surgeries, MRIs and X-Rays. “It starts with machine learning and AI, but we can save lives if we focus on what’s important and bring this technology stack to its full potential,” Masud added.

The architecture of the Deasil Cognitive platform is a key factor in its transformative potential. With a microservices architecture, the platform can be at once flexible, scalable and high-performing. The software can invoke microservices for Machine Learning, Machine Reasoning, Natural Language Processing, and Blockchain on demand. As needed, it can add scale at the services level, making the deployment agile but powerful.  “The Deasil Cognitive platform has been uniquely built to scale and support what is coming next year and for the next ten years” Craig Johnston, CTO of Deasil Cognitive added.

Deasil Cognitive has engaged a world-renowned team of professionals with deep knowledge and experience of business development, software development as well as technologies and operations in oil and gas, manufacturing, aviation, automotive, transportation and government. Each core team member has over 25 years each of experience in designing, developing and selling technology solutions for these segments.  The company’s board of advisors each has over 40 years each of relationships and experience across the verticals mentioned above to help drive new business opportunities for Deasil Cognitive.


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