Glutathione, An Amazing and Unusual Product!

It is no longer a big news that Glutathione is added to skin care products, food and health products. Most of you may have heard of it. However, is it really so amazing? What exactly is glutathione?

Glutathione (r-glutamyl cysteingl +glycine ,GSH) is a tripeptide which consists of glutamate, cysteine and glycine. It exists in almost every cell of the body.

Glutathione can help maintain a normal immune system. It has antioxidant properties and integrate detoxification. The sulfhydryl group on cysteine is the active group(G – SH) which is easy to combine with certain medications (such as paracetamol), toxins (such as free radicals, iodoacetate, mustard gas, lead, mercury, arsenic and other heavy metals.), etc, has the function of integration and detoxification, especially in clinical medicine and food. The following is the detailed breakdown for you:

Used in Clinical Medicine

The artificial glutathione drug has been developed , which is widely used in clinical, in addition to using its thiol toxins such as chelating heavy metals, fluoride, mustard gas poisoning, also used in hepatitis, hemolytic disease and keratitis, cataracts and retinal diseases, etc., as a treatment or adjuvant therapy drug. In recent years, western scientists, especially Japanese scholars, have found that glutathione has the ability to inhibit HIV.

New research also shows that GSH can correct the acetylcholine, cholinesterase imbalance, allergy effect, but also can prevent skin aging and pigmentation and reduce the formation of melanin to improve skin antioxidant capacity and make the skin luster. In addition, GSH in the treatment of corneal disease and improvement of the sexual function also has a very good effect.

Work with the Food

First, add it to the flour products, it has the function of the reduction. It not only shortened the time of making bread to one half or one third, but also greatly improved the working conditions and served as a strengthening function of food nutrition and other functions.

Second, add it to yogurt and baby food, which is equivalent to vitamin C and can act as a stabilizing agent.

Third, mix it with fish cake to prevent the color from deepening.

Four, added to meat products, cheese and other foods, it has the effect of enhancing flavor.


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