Green Power Partners Co-Sponsors The Youth Mentoring Forum

Lake Forest, California – June 2, 2017 – Green Power Partners will be co-sponsoring the upcoming Youth Mentoring Forum, taking place at the Hilton Hotel in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey on the 3rd of this month. The event, co-founded by established motivational speaker and author, Henning Morales, provides a panel which will identify key challenges facing today’s youth and present strategies for moving youth forward into a healthy and beneficial future.

 The Youth Mentoring Forum was founded as an event that caters directly to the youth and specific challenges they face.  The young people of today are commonly referred to as one of two names, Millennials, which refers to young adults primarily in their twenties and Generation Z which simply refers to today’s teens.  These groups are unique and are quite unlike any previous generations the world has seen.  Growing up in a world where technology has advanced at staggering rates, youth have had instant access to news, trends, events from all around the world via devices such as TV, cellphones and computers.  As a result, they are without a doubt, the most technologically advanced, and socially aware generation yet.   However, with these rapid advancements and the instant access to information, certain problems have begun to arise.  Issues such as teen suicide, cyber bullying and violence has become an alarmingly common theme throughout this group.  This event recognizes the need to address these issues but also wishes to come up solutions and strategies to continue moving youth forward in a healthy, safe and successful manner.  On the forums panel, are six highly respected key note speakers with firsthand experience working with today’s young society.  These speakers will share valuable insight on the topic and offer opportunities and strategies for progression.

The evening will highlight six Keynote speakers, each of who have valuable insight and experience working with modern youth.  Highly accredited motivational speaker, best-selling author, and co-founder of this event, Henning Morales will be featured as one of these speakers.  Through his own personal experiences, Morales has a deep-rooted passion for motivating, mentoring, and guiding young people.  Morales has taken on many projects, writing books, films, event production, but throughout all these the direct coaching of ’kids’ is a prominent theme.  Dr. Suzette Febre-Hart is another co-founder of the event and she will be speaking as well.  With over 26 years of experience in elementary, intermediate and high school education, Febre-Hart is not only a recognized educator but also a mentor and mother.  Suzette has involved herself in many media projects, including The Dirt Merchants Film, a film adaptation of Henning’s newest book.  Through these projects, she strives to expand her message and positively influence more lives throughout the world.

In addition to the Forum co-founders, several other highly acclaimed educators and mentors will be present to share their knowledge.  Brittany O’Donnell is a math teacher who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a certification in Students with Disabilities, amongst many other achievements.  She will be sharing insight which comes first hand from her experience working with youth.  Millennial Mindset coach, Marcel Petitpas, recognizes the millions of people throughout the world who are unfulfilled in the workplace and never end up reaching their potential.  He will be speaking on how he works to change this through letting go of fear and focusing on individual purpose.  Wendy Lamparelli, an experienced nurse and important member of the Hacksenback School District, has been a key piece in development in the area.  She implemented a Code Blue Plan which saved at least four lives in the Hacksenabck District alone.  She is extremely passionate about health and wellness for children and believes strongly that they must thrive to learn. Melanie Alston-Balaputra, Vice Principle of Barrington High School, will also be speaking at the event offering experience, insight and guidance youth and youth culture. With all of these prominent figures, sharing firsthand experience and years-worth of observation and education, attendees are guaranteed an insightful evening sure to instill hope for the future of this generation.

Green Power Partners is fortunate to co-sponsor this incredible event.  Leading the way in the production of renewable energy, Green Power Partners cares strongly for the community and believes investing in our youth is the greatest opportunity for success in the future.  Green Power Partners is proud to sponsor events and organizations that share these important ideals. Using highly advanced technology and unbridled innovation, GPP is paving the way for the next evolution of power throughout the world.

According to Green Power Partners’ CEO Allan Parent, “We are excited about being one of the sponsors of this event as it completely aligns with our corporate philosophy regarding mentoring, training and equipping our youth for a bright future in business and success.”


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