Green Power Partners Co-Sponsors Youth Mentoring Forum

Lake Forest, California – July 31, 2017 – Green Power Partners is pleased to co-sponsor the Youth Mentoring Forum, taking place at the University of Southern California (USC) college campus in Los Angeles, California on Thursday, August 3rd. The event, co-founded by established motivational speaker and author, Henning Morales and co-produced by Professor Alejandro Ruiz, admissions counselor of USC, celebrates initiatives undertaken by the ten noted speakers.  Each one will be delivering unique, practical tools for dealing with specific challenges facing today’s young people.

The Youth Mentorship Forum was founded to bring together experienced, successful leaders who have committed to support their communities by mentoring young people looking for small steps they can take to overcome the challenges they face.  Today’s youth are commonly referred to with one of two names, Millennials, who are young adults in their twenties, and Generation Z which refers to today’s teens. For each segment, the rapid advancement of technology has brought about many benefits in terms of accessibility and social awareness, but it has also brought to light social issues that have skyrocketed in the last few years. Issues such as teen suicide, cyber bullying and violence have become alarmingly common occurrences within this group.  This Forum recognizes the need for teaching and coaching strategies that demonstrate how to grow in a healthy, safe, and successful manner.  This August 3rd event showcases ten highly respected keynote speakers who work directly with today’s young people, dealing with many issues pertinent to their specific challenges.  These speakers will share valuable insight into the topics at hand and offer their “tried and true” strategies to overcome obstacles.

Highly accredited motivational speaker, best-selling author, and co-founder of this event, Henning Morales will speak on his own experiences. Morales has a deep-rooted passion for motivating, mentoring, and guiding young people.  Morales has undertaken many projects: writing books, films, event production, but throughout all these the direct coaching of ’kids’ is prominent.  Dr. Suzette Febre-Hart, a co-founder of the event, and an acclaimed educator and mentor will be sharing her experiences as she paves a path of success and support for society’s youth. 

Also present will be acclaimed multi-platinum music producer, Andrew Lane, whose work includes Hannah Montana, Disneymania and High School Musical.  Actor, ambassador, and activist, Mike C. Manning, will be speaking on behalf of Boo2Bullying, an anti-bullying outreach which provides mentorship and support for both youth and their families.  Renee Piane is a renowned relationship expert, who counsels couples to help build and mend relationships, through love and understanding.  She provides valuable insight on perhaps one of the most difficult topics to broach with young people.  Also on the panel – Lissette Alvarez, a mentor and motivational speaker, Priscilla Lopez, a successful entrepreneur and Pamela Gregory who specializes as a forgiveness therapist.  Lastly, Dr. Meredith Sagan, a holistic psychiatrist and addiction specialist will be sharing her expertise on addiction and healing, a common struggle dealt with by many.  With these prominent figures sharing firsthand experiences and years-worth of observations, attendees are guaranteed an evening sure to instill hope for the future of this generation.

The Youth Mentorship Forum has experienced a great response to their two previous events due, primarily, to the environment of love and support offered to our young people, their families and friends.  Because of the dedication of those driving this wonderful event, The Youth Mentorship Forum is holding its first international event in Mexico on the 26th of August.  The event will feature Henning Morales, Manuel Sotomayor, and Tony FigueroaManuel Sotomayor is known also as “Shark”, the reputable author of Shark Mentality.  His mission is to help others expand and release the power of their minds so every challenge is overcome and life can be lived to its fullest regardless of any hindrances.  With the struggles of today’s young people, this is a refreshing and encouraging approach. Tony Figueroa is a human behavior psychologist and the founder of the Tony Figueroa Institute.  He will share unique concepts for understanding young minds and how to use that to drive them toward success.

Green Power Partners is pleased to be a co-sponsor for this incredible event.  According to Allan Parent, the company’s CEO, “It is only with effort and united purpose that great things are achieved. These events align with our corporate philosophy of giving back to the community through the development of mentorship, practical training, and opportunities for our young leaders.  We commend the many volunteers and the founders of this initiative on their foresight and dedication”.  Leading the way in the production of renewable energy, Green Power Partners is committed to the community and believes investing in our youth is the greatest opportunity for success in the future.         


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