HomeopathyStore.com Announces New Brand of Homeopathic Remedies Called Anna’s Remedies


Anna’s Remedies will include a series of natural flu protection and relief remedies known as Influenzinum, Thymuline and CoxiFlu


BALTIMORE, NOVEMBER 3, 2017—HomeopathyStore.com, an online natural health store, has recently announced the launch of its new brand of natural flu protection and relief remedies. The new brand, known as Anna’s Remedies, includes Influenzinum, Thymuline and Coxiflu, the top three homeopathic remedies recommended by natural health practitioners during flu season.


Influenzinum is a natural homeopathic remedy made every year from the new flu vaccine strains and is a solution for people looking for a holistic, natural, needle-free way to build the body’s defense against flu viruses.


Thymuline is a natural immunity booster. HomeopathyStore.com recommends taking it once a week to keep an individual’s immune system strong so that it can fight off flus and colds.


CoxiFlu is a natural flu-relief remedy made with the well-known homeopathic ingredient Anas Barbariae. It supports the body naturally while it fights the flu and offers relief from fever, chills, sore throats, coughing, runny nose and other flu-like symptoms.


All three remedies are lactose free. Influenzinum and Thymuline come as convenient mouth sprays with 35 doses each. Coxiflu comes in a convenient, small bottle and contains 30 doses.


“We love providing the best natural remedies available today, which are often still insider tips in the natural health community,” said Anna Wirth, Co-Founder of HomeopathyStore.com. “We search for these very smart natural solutions and work with the most dedicated manufacturers in the U.S. to offer the highest-quality products at an excellent price. We are the only providers of the popular lactose-free Influenzinum and Thymuline combo, and its arguably the best natural flu protection kit recommended by integrative health practitioners and doctors.”


Those interested in learning more about HomepathyStore.com or interested in purchasing Influenzinum, Thymuline and Coxiflu can do so at https://www.homeopathystore.com/.


About HomeopathyStore.com


HomeopathyStore.com was founded by Anna Wirth in 2010 as an online homeopathic retailer. Today, HomeopathyStore.com presents the largest selections of single remedies in the country, and specializes in natural flu protection and relief and lactose-free liquid homeopathic remedies.



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