Potentia Analytics sponsors HackSI 2017 to develop innovation and technology in Southern Illinois.

Carbondale, IL, September 19, 2017 – Potentia Analytics, Inc., a leading provider of intelligent healthcare software, is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the 2017 HackSI event that will take place on November 4th & 5th at Southern Illinois University’s Dunn-Richmond Center in Carbondale, IL. HackSI focuses on inspiring new ideas through a fun and entertaining hackathon that brings together people of all ages. From drones to robots, HackSI shows that technology can be fun as well as educational.


A hackathon is an event in which software developers, designers and project managers collaborate on software projects. During the event attendees design, build and show off their creations to a group of fellow techies who will appreciate what they have built. Some very interesting new technologies have come out of hackathons all over the world. It doesn’t matter what they build, the important part is that they learned something while doing it. HackSI has had past winners that had never programmed anything before and ended up building one of the best hacks of the day. Many of the participants go on to tech related job fields based on their experiences at HackSI.


“We are very excited for Potentia Analytics to join us this year as a “10 GB” sponsor! Since its inception, HackSI has grown into a vibrant community of more than 250 hackers aged 7 to 70. With the support and participation of local tech companies we can continue to grow our event. HackSI highlights the talent that already exists in Southern Illinois as well as introduces people to a potential future in tech that they may not have previously considered.” Dav Glass, Founder and Hacker in Charge, HackSI.


“As a participant in other Hackathons in the past, I knew that as one of the few local software technology companies we had to get involved to support what Dav and his team are doing. Hackathons are fun-filled environments that spark amazing ideas and encourage collaborating to make those ideas into reality. These hackers are the future innovators and we hope that they will choose to make Southern Illinois their home for their world changing startups!” Berardino E. Baratta, CEO, Potentia Analytics, Inc.


To learn more about becoming a HackSI sponsor or participant, visit hacksi.org or email contact@hacksi.org.

To learn more about the power of Potentia Analytics visit potentiaco.com, call 618.505.2001 extension 105 or send an email to inquiries@potentiaco.com.

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