Say Hello To The Ultimate Multi-Functional Sterilizing Toothbrush Station

The design team at Puretta Technology Co., LTD is excited to share the news of their official release of the Puretta Multifunctional Toothbrush Station. Bathrooms are a scary place to keep your toothbrush, even though that’s where everyone is prone to keep them. Every day our toothbrushes are exposed to invisible germs and bacteria that fill every corner and are continually exposed to the splash zone, which in turn can be downright disgusting and harmful to you and your loved ones health. That’s why the creators of Puretta chose to design a new modern, eco-friendly technology for improving both your bathroom cleanliness and personal health and hygiene.


Say Hello to the Puretta. This smart toothbrush station brings a new level of clean, both certified and tested to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria via UV light; The light is powered by a solar panel, which removes the need for those unsightly and potentially hazardous cables around your bathroom sink and wall outlet. Also the station provides room for up to 4 toothbrushes, and a back rack area for razors, dental floss, and teeth cleaning utensils of choice. The station offers a universal toothpaste insert to fit every shape and size of toothpaste out there, along with a smart infrared light that will automatically shut off the UV cleaning process whenever someone enters its proximity.


As toothbrushes advance, with more designs now on the market shelves than one can count, it only makes sense that our ability to keep our toothbrushes and bathrooms clean would be the next big priority. The Puretta has you covered.


The Puretta will officially launch on Kickstarter on August 15th, 9AM PST. To receive a sample of the toothbrush station for review and more details, please contact John Messier of the Puretta design team.



Contact Information:


Name: John Messier


Phone: 1 (512) 333-2950

Facebook: @purettadesign


On Kickstarter:  August 15th, 9AM PST

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