Skinny Elite Real VS Fake?

Are you concerned that your favorite product Skinny Elite may not be the real deal?

Skinny Elite Registered Trademark number 5201525 is owned by Bee Extremely Amazed LLC. 

Bee Extremely Amazed LLC is the sole owner of Skinny Elite dietary supplement.

Skinny Elite weight loss capsules are pink and the bottle is clear with a black lid and the logo Elite Weight Loss is situated on the upper right corner. 

The word “skinny” appears in black letters while the word “ELITE” appears in bold pink just below it followed by the words “weight loss”. Bee Extremely Amazed LLC name and both appear on the label under the supplement facts. 

Skinny Elite has been informed there are potential imposters, counterfeits and possible trademark infringements on Skinny Elite.

Bee Extremely Amazed has secured legal council to defend it’s trademark and name against this. Legal action will include trademark infringement suit, confusion in the market place tactics by counterfeit products and use of name, posing a health risk to the consumer, and will seek monetary damages for loss of sales and damages including all legal fees and possible imprisionment.

Bee Extremely Amazed and Elite Weight Loss Supplements are made in the USA in a GMP facility with all paperwork on file. 

Bee Extremely Amazed LLC also owns several other trademarks relating to it’s brand including:

Bee Extremely Amazed, Skinny Elite, Elite Weight Loss, Skinny Bee Pollen, Skinny Bee Xtreme, Curve Bee Pollen, Sizzle Me Skinny,
Bee Pollen for Weight Loss, and assumes the names of their other products, Elite Shreds Max, Ignite, Skinny Bee Gold, Astonished, Physique, Keto Elite
to also be a common use in trade as their trademark in dietary supplements.

Skinny Elite Bee Pollen offenders will be prosecuted as well for misleading the public, misbranding supplements, providing false information to credit cards companies regarding the sale of counterfeit products, possible risk to the public’s health if the counterfeits are found to have negative impact on health or any unlabeled ingredients. If you are not buying Skinny Elite from Elite Weight Loss or one of it’s authorized distributors or Affiliates we suggest you toss the product to the can.

Authentic Skinny Elite can be purchased at, ,,, and other authorized sites.

Remember: if it’s not pink, it’s not Skinny Elite!

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