TITAN foundation accepts engangement to raise $9 billion for Latin America.

The TITAN foundation for sustainable growth announced today that has accepted an engagement to raise USD $9 billion in investments for Latin America countries.  The main areas of investment are mining, renewable energies, agriculture and health as part of a 10 years development plan. The investments will be backed up by local regional tangible assets, sovereign bonds, sovereign guarantees.

This opportunity, an accolade for the foundation, solidifies its position as a true aid in the pursuit of financial and social equality.  “We have always maintained that the financial well being is keen for happiness and prosperity.  The foundation has maintained its focus on building bridges between governments and corporations, both economic and intellectual.  We are now going to contribute building literal ones also.  This agreement, exemplifies what the foundation is capable of doing and how practicality can be a powerful tool when promoting progress” commented Mr. Jorge Frenk, Chairman of the Supervisory Council of the foundation.

For the last two years, the foundation has been using its human and financial resources to aid resolving financial problems on disadvantaged economies.  Its success is drawing the attention of Latin America where the foundation members have a constructed a solid business reputation in a wide array of industries.  This opportunity at government level, expands the reach of the TITAN foundation for sustainable growth and pushes it forward toward equalizing the economic playfield for more countries, more economies and more people.

Interested institutional investment firms are encouraged to contact latinamerica@titan.foundation to receive more information.

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